This vagabond is feeling a little extra emotional (grateful) this holiday season.  I want to say a big thank you to our parents; it wasn’t the route you expected our life to take, but you’ve encouraged us to do what makes us happy even if you think we’re nuts.

To our families and friends, who have continuously supported us.  Every text, phone call, photo and video chat means so much and as Jason tells me” it’s okay to be homesick because that means you have something at home to miss.”  Life on the road has been beautiful, crazy, messy and downright hard at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The unforgettable places we’ve been able to see, the people we’ve connected and reconnected with, the travel mishaps and everything in between is all part of this ever eventful adventure.

To Jason, my “realist” husband, thank you for taking this dreamer’s dream and making it into the sweetest reality.  Also, thank you for doing 99.8% of the driving, making me laugh even when I don’t feel like it, singing along to the same songs over and over again, agreeing to trade my salamander finds for chai lattes (I’m up to 3), searching around in the dark with your headlamp before I go pee because I’m still afraid, and being the only person I would ever spend 24/7 133 days (and counting) with in a van.

Before we left in July we had the amazing (and so fun to work with), Hallie of  Wild Air Studios, come up to northern Wisconsin to take a few photos of us and MichelVangelo in one of our favorite places on earth.  I wanted to remember this moment in our lives and the anticipation of all the adventures to come.

K+J2018-33This first photo is a photo of my Grandpa Bill driving his RV.  My Granny and Grandpa traveled often in their RV around the United States, and I am so grateful for the love, encouragement and recommendations that my Granny has given me during our travels.  Next to his photo is the last conversation we had together before he passed.  Bridget Black, owner of Sealed Paperie, was able to take that conservation and create this beautiful masterpiece that I get to cherish forever.

K+J2018-3This second photo is a quote from one of our favorite bands, Mandolin Orange.  Our good friend and the oh-so-talented Kelly Elliott of Francine and Georgia created the perfect reminder for us on days where nothing seems to be going right.

Here are more of our favorite photos…

Cheers and love you all! -Katie


3 thoughts on “Grateful.

  1. Katie I am so glad that you took this once in a lifetime trip with Jason!! I am so jealous that I have never had the guts to live out a few of my dreams!! I hope following you two, will inspire me to do something out of my comfort zone!! Love you!!! Shari


  2. Yep yours is one of the few marriages that I would like to have had..I am enjoying the pictures of the two of you. I am glad you are finding a friendship with each other & able to talk to each other & laugh at each other & I think probably cry with each other ..Keep enjoying you time together so you can have what I always wanted a 50th wedding Anniversary to you both Grandma Dorothy Ps lol the scenery is nice too


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